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Bills Introduced Since 3/18/2019
HB137 EMPLOYEE EARNINGS AND DEDUCTIONS (KELLY B, VITALE N) To require an employer to provide earnings and deductions statements to each of the employer’s employees.
HB138 PROPERTY ASSESSMENT COST (ROGERS J) To increase from $250 to $500 the estimated cost of certain special assessments for which a municipal corporation must provide notice to affected property owners.
HB139 TRAFFIC CAMERAS-EMERGENCY SERVICES (PATTON T) To prohibit a municipal corporation or township that does not operate either a fire department or an emergency medical services organization from utilizing traffic law photo-monitoring devices.
HB140 TRAFFIC CAMERAS-LOW POPULATION (PATTON T) To prohibit a local authority with a population of 200 or fewer from utilizing traffic law photo-monitoring devices.
HB141 TRAFFIC CAMERAS-TICKET/POPULATION CAP (PATTON T) To prohibit a local authority, in any year, from issuing a total number of traffic tickets based on the use of traffic law photo-monitoring devices that exceeds two times the population of the local authority.
HB142 TRAFFIC CAMERAS-REVENUE CAP (PATTON T) To prohibit a local authority from deriving more than 30 per cent of the total annual revenue of the local authority from the issuance of tickets for traffic law violations based on evidence recorded by traffic law photo-monitoring devices.
HB143 TAX CREDIT-VOLUNTEER SERVICE (KELLER C, CERA J) To grant income tax credits to persons who serve as volunteer peace officers, firefighters, or emergency medical technicians.
HB144 NURSE EMPLOYMENT-MANDATORY OVERTIME (MANNING D) To prohibit a hospital from requiring a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse to work overtime as a condition of continued employment.
HB145 ANIMAL ABUSE REGISTRY (BRINKMAN T) To require the Attorney General to establish an animal abuser registry.
HB146 ANIMAL ABUSE-COMPANION ANIMALS (BRINKMAN T) To prohibit an animal abuse offender from owning, possessing, having custody of, or residing with a companion animal for a specified time period.
HB147 BMV SEAL ON IMAGES (BRINKMAN T) To require the Department of Public Safety, including the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, to place an image of the Bureau’s seal or emblem in a corner of a photograph or digital image of a person, under certain circumstances.
HB148 YIELD TO PARALLEL PARKERS (BRINKMAN T) To require drivers to yield the right of way to any other vehicle that is parking in or exiting an angled or parallel parking space on a public road.
HB149 PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT-RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION (MERRIN D) To enact the “Affordable Homebuilding and Housing Act” to temporarily exempt from property tax the increased value of land subdivided for residential development.
HB150 COMMUNITY BANK TAX LIMITS (MERRIN D) To enact the Community Bank Tax Relief Act to reduce the highest financial institutions tax rate, exempt newly formed banks for their first three years, limit the tax base for highly capitalized institutions, and to limit the application fees charged by the Superintendent of Financial Institutions for approval to incorporate a state bank.
HB151 CHIROPRACTIC LOAN REPAYMENT (CARFAGNA R) To create the Chiropractic Loan Repayment Program and to revise certain laws administered by the State Chiropractic Board.
HB152 TAX LEVY-SUBDIVISION CREATOR (BRINKMAN T) To require certain subdivisions to obtain the approval of the body that created the subdivision before levying a tax.
HB153 VACANT OFFICE-FAILURE TO PERFORM (BECKER J) To modify the law regarding declaring a county office vacant for failure to perform duties, including failure to appear at the officer’s principle office location, and to designate this act the “Working Officials Requirements Key Act” or “WORK Act.”
HB154 DISSOLVE DISTRESS COMMISSIONS (MILLER J, JONES D) To dissolve academic distress commissions and to instead require the creation of community learning centers for buildings in low-performing school districts.
HB155 WAR RELIC PROTECTION (SCHAFFER T, ROGERS J) To prohibit a war relic located on public property or cemetery association property from being sold, disturbed, or otherwise disposed of, except under certain circumstances, and to designate this act as the “Ohio Veterans’ Heritage Protection Act.”
HB156 CIVIL IMMUNITY-HANDGUN CRIMES (SCHAFFER T) To grant civil immunity to nonprofit corporations and persons associated with them for certain injuries, deaths, or losses resulting from the carrying of handguns.
HB157 SURPLUS FUND-ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES (GREENSPAN D) To use some surplus state revenue to help counties fund adult protective and senior services.
HB158 FILING FEE-LIMITED DRIVING PRIVILEGES (BLESSING III L) To waive the fee for filing a petition for limited driving privileges for an individual who qualifies as indigent and whose license is suspended as a result of failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility, and to authorize a court to grant such limited driving privileges on a first offense.
HB159 INDEMNITY PROVISIONS-PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTS (BLESSING III L) To regulate the use of indemnity provisions in professional design contracts related to public improvements.
SB112 DEBT ADJUSTING (EKLUND J) Regarding debt adjusting.
SB113 INCONTINENCE PRODUCTS (EKLUND J) To exempt the sale of incontinence products to Medicaid recipients from sales tax.
SB114 NOISE REGULATION-TOWNSHIPS (HOTTINGER J) To expand the authority of a township to regulate noise within the unincorporated area of the township.
SB115 PROHIBIT UNDER 21 FROM ENTERING BAR (MAHARATH T) To prohibit a person under 21 years old from entering or being allowed to enter a bar.
SB116 HEALTH BENEFIT PLANS-MATERNITY SERVICES (MAHARATH T) To require that health benefit plans provide coverage for maternity services.
SB117 SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIMS (MAHARATH T) To require hospitals to provide specified services to victims of sexual assault.


Tracked Bills



HB48 LOCAL GOVT ROAD IMPROVEMENT FUND (GREENSPAN D) To provide for a new Local Government Road Improvement Fund for local governments to fund road improvements.
  Current Status:    2/12/2019 – Referred to Committee House Finance
HB62 TRANSPORTATION BUDGET (OELSLAGER S) To make appropriations for programs related to transportation and public safety for the biennium beginning July 1, 2019, and ending June 30, 2021, and to provide authorization and conditions for the operation of those programs.
  Current Status:    3/21/2019 – PASSED BY SENATE; Vote 24-6, Bill Amended on Floor
HB75 PROPERTY VALUE CONTESTS (MERRIN D) To require local governments that contest property values to formally pass an authorizing resolution for each contest and to notify property owners.
  Current Status:    3/19/2019 – House Ways and Means, (Second Hearing)
SB2 STATEWIDE WATERSHED PLANNING (PETERSON B, DOLAN M) To create a statewide watershed planning structure for watershed programs to be implemented by local soil and water conservation districts.
  Current Status:    2/20/2019 – Referred to Committee Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources
SB8 TAX CREDITS-OHIO OPPORTUNITY ZONE (SCHURING K) To authorize tax credits for investments in an Ohio Opportunity Zone.
  Current Status:    3/12/2019 – SUBSTITUTE BILL ACCEPTED, Senate Ways and Means, (Fourth Hearing)
SB39 MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS-TAX CREDIT (SCHURING K) To authorize an insurance premiums tax credit for capital contributions to transformational mixed use development projects.
  Current Status:    3/12/2019 – Senate Finance, (First Hearing)
SB95 STATE AND LOCAL TAX INDUCEMENTS (KUNZE S, PETERSON B) To enhance state and local tax inducements for businesses making substantial fixed asset and employment investments and their suppliers.
  Current Status:    3/12/2019 – Referred to Committee Senate Ways and Means