Bills Introduced Since 6/29/2020
HB711 EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES SCOPE (BALDRIDGE B) Regarding the scope of emergency medical services provided by emergency medical service personnel.
HB712 LAW ENFORCEMENT DATABASE (SHEEHY M, HICKS-HUDSON P) To require the Attorney General to create a database of information regarding law enforcement officers who have been terminated or resigned under certain circumstances and to require law enforcement agencies to access the database to determine employment eligibility of those officers.
HB713 PROHIBIT QUOTAS FOR CITATIONS, ARRESTS (WEST T, LELAND D) To prohibit law enforcement agencies from using quotas for arrests and citations.
HB714 PROHIBIT USE OF DRONES FOR TRESPASSING (CROSSMAN J, HOLMES A) To prohibit using an unmanned aerial vehicle to commit trespass, voyeurism, and stalking.
HB715 ADMISSIBLE STATEMENTS – CUSTODIAL INTERROGATIONS (CROSSMAN J, UPCHURCH T) Regarding the admissibility of statements made by a child during a custodial interrogation.
HB716 LAW ENFORCEMENT STRANGULATION OFFENSE (LEPORE-HAGAN M, GALONSKI T) To create the offense of strangulation by a law enforcement officer.
HB717 TRAINING SCHOOLS – PROSPECTIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT (MILLER J, UPCHURCH T) To allow the chief of police of a municipal corporation to conduct training schools for prospective law enforcement officers.
HB718 FILL POSITIONS WITHOUT COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION (MILLER J, WEST T) To allow a police department to fill a vacant position in the classified civil service without a competitive examination.
HB719 SENTENCE REDUCTIONS (WEST T, CRAWLEY E) To allow a sentence that has been imposed for a qualifying offense to be reduced.
HB720 FIRE, POLICE CHIEFS’ RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS (INGRAM C, HICKS-HUDSON P) To allow a municipal corporation to require its fire chief or chief of police to reside within the municipal corporation during the chief’s first five years.
HB721 MILITARY EQUIPMENT SURPLUS REQUIREMENTS (WEINSTEIN C, CRAWLEY E) To prohibit a political subdivision from receiving certain property from a military equipment surplus program operated by the federal government and to limit the use of federal funds to purchase equipment.
SB332 OHIO CARPENTERS LICENSE PLATE (FEDOR T) To create the “Ohio Carpenters” license plate
SB333 ODNR PAYMENTS-LAND ACQUISITIONS (SCHAFFER T) To require the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to make payments in lieu of taxes to local taxing units for significant land acquisitions by the department after 2018.
SB334 DESIGNATE JUNETEENTH LEGAL HOLIDAY (CRAIG H, BRENNER A) To establish the nineteenth of June as Juneteenth, a legal holiday for which government employees receive paid leave.



Tracked Bills



HB48 LOCAL GOVT ROAD IMPROVEMENT FUND (GREENSPAN D) To provide for a new Local Government Road Improvement Fund for local governments to fund road improvements.
Current Status:    2/12/2019 – Referred to Committee House Finance
HB62 TRANSPORTATION BUDGET (OELSLAGER S) To increase the rate of and modify the distribution of revenue from motor fuel excise taxes, to make appropriations for programs related to transportation and public safety for the biennium beginning July 1, 2019, and ending June 30, 2021, and to provide authorization and conditions for the operation of those programs.
Current Status:    4/3/2019 – SIGNED BY GOVERNOR; eff. 90 days, Taxes eff. 7/1/19
HB75 PROPERTY VALUE CONTESTS (MERRIN D) To require local governments that contest property values to formally pass an authorizing resolution for each contest and to notify property owners.
Current Status:    2/12/2020 – Referred to Committee Senate Local Government, Public Safety and Veterans Affairs
HB149 PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT-RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION (MERRIN D) To enact the “Affordable Homebuilding and Housing Act” to temporarily exempt from property tax the increased value of land subdivided for residential development.
Current Status:    4/10/2019 – House Economic and Workforce Development, (Second Hearing)
HB168 AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE-HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES (HAMBLEY S) To establish an affirmative defense to a release or threatened release of hazardous substances from a facility for certain bona fide prospective purchasers.
Current Status:    6/16/2020 – SIGNED BY GOVERNOR; eff. 90 days
HB175 TAX EXEMPTION-GOODS MOVEMENT (ANTANI N) To exempt from sales and use tax things used primarily to move completed manufactured products or general merchandise.
Current Status:    10/22/2019 – House Ways and Means, (Second Hearing)
HB176 OPEN MEETINGS-VISITORS BUREAUS (BRINKMAN T, BECKER J) To require certain convention and visitors’ bureaus to make available for inspection by the public all meeting minutes, vendor payment information, and financial information.
Current Status:    4/2/2019 – Referred to Committee House State and Local Government
HB209 ABOLISH ESTATE BY DOWER (CARRUTHERS S, KICK D) To abolish the estate by dower.
Current Status:    2/12/2020 – Senate Judiciary, (Third Hearing)
HB218 PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS (PATTON T) To authorize certain public entities to enter into public-private initiatives with a private party through a public-private agreement regarding public facilities.
Current Status:    6/9/2020 – BILL AMENDED, House State and Local Government, (Fourth Hearing)
HB251 CONTRACT ACTION-PERIOD OF LIMITATION (LANG G, HILLYER B) To shorten the period of limitations for actions upon a contract.
Current Status:    6/24/2020 – BILL AMENDED, Senate Judiciary, (Seventh Hearing)
HB252 LAND REUTILIZATION (GREENSPAN D) To create the Land Reutilization Demolition Program and to make an appropriation.
Current Status:    6/30/2019 – Re-Referred to Committee
HB288 EMINENT DOMAIN (MANNING D) To amend the law regarding eminent domain and to declare an emergency.
Current Status:    10/1/2019 – House Civil Justice, (Fourth Hearing)
HB380 CONTRACTOR PAYMENT DEADLINE (CROSS J, SWEENEY B) To require owners of construction projects to pay a contractor within thirty-five days of receiving a request for payment.
Current Status:    5/20/2020 – House Commerce and Labor, (Fourth Hearing)
HB449 REAL ESTATE TRANSFER TAX (GREEN D, SKINDELL M) To apply the real estate transfer tax to transfers of a controlling interest in a pass-through entity that, directly or indirectly, owns real estate.
Current Status:    1/28/2020 – Referred to Committee House Ways and Means
HB476 EMINENT DOMAIN (MANNING D, HAMBLEY S) To amend the law regarding eminent domain and to declare an emergency.
Current Status:    6/9/2020 – House State and Local Government, (Third Hearing)
HB481 CONVEYANCE – STATE-OWNED PROPERTY (FRAIZER M) To authorize the conveyance of state-owned real property.
Current Status:    6/19/2020 – SIGNED BY GOVERNOR; eff. 6/19/20
HB606 CIVIL IMMUNITY – COVID-19 TRANSMISSION (GRENDELL D) To grant civil immunity to a person who provides services for essential businesses and operations for injury, death, or loss that was caused by the transmission of COVID-19 during the period of emergency declared by Executive Order 2020-01D, issued on March 9, 2020, and to declare an emergency.
Current Status:    6/30/2020 – PASSED BY SENATE; Bill Vote 23-6, Emergency Clause 23-6
HB670 REAPPROPRIATE CAPITAL FUNDS (MERRIN D) To make capital reappropriations for certain agencies for the biennium ending June 30, 2022, and to declare an emergency.
Current Status:    6/3/2020 – House Finance, (Third Hearing)
HB675 REGARDING CLEAN OHIO PROGRAM (HILLYER B, SWEARINGEN D) Relating to the Clean Ohio Program and to make an appropriation.
Current Status:    5/27/2020 – Referred to Committee House State and Local Government
HB704 COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AREAS LAWS (CROSS J, FRAIZER M) To modify the law governing Community Redevelopment Areas and the terms under which property may be exempted in such areas.
Current Status:    6/15/2020 – Introduced
SB2 STATEWIDE WATERSHED PLANNING (PETERSON B, DOLAN M) To create a statewide watershed planning structure for watershed programs to be implemented by local soil and water conservation districts.
Current Status:    2/19/2020 – BILL AMENDED, House Energy and Natural Resources, (Fifth Hearing)
SB8 TAX CREDITS-OHIO OPPORTUNITY ZONE (SCHURING K) To authorize tax credits for investments in an Ohio Opportunity Zone.
Current Status:    5/8/2019 – House Economic and Workforce Development, (Second Hearing)
SB39 MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS-TAX CREDIT (SCHURING K) To authorize an insurance premiums tax credit for capital contributions to transformational mixed use development projects.
Current Status:    2/12/2020 – BILL AMENDED, House Economic and Workforce Development, (Seventh Hearing)
SB180 INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT BONDS (SCHAFFER T) To authorize the issuance of industrial development bonds by a township and to authorize counties, townships, and municipal corporations to issue industrial development bonds without requiring the county, township, or municipal corporation to designate a community improvement corporation as its agency for industrial, commercial, distribution, and research development.
Current Status:    10/1/2019 – Senate Finance, (First Hearing)
SB289 CONDOMINIUMS (BLESSING III L) Regarding condominiums and planned community properties.
Current Status:    3/4/2020 – Referred to Committee Senate General Government and Agency Review