Please join NAIOP for a Behind-The-Scenes Tour of the Cincinnati Zoo’s newest exhibit.  Elephant Trek will be a brand new, state of the art Elephant Habitat that will put the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on the leading edge of Elephant Care, Research & Management.

The new habitat will be nearly five times the size of our current elephant yards and will include 4 acres of grass and sandy terrain, with trees, plants, rocks, and water features that mimic the Asian elephant’s native habitat. At the center will be a 22,000 square foot Elephant Barn – featuring communal and off-habitat spaces for elephants, as well as areas for visitor viewing, events and staff offices. Identified by experts as a key component of modern elephant programs, the Barn will feature a 10,000 square foot communal room with high ceilings for our elephants to congregate, socialize, exercise, and create strong family ties. It will have a full-depth sand bed and enrichment features that simulate natural outdoor environments for animal well-being, with flexibility and keeper access to allow for safe rotation of elephants. Keeper support areas including break rooms, lockers and offices, individual elephant holding rooms, and special maternity dens ensure this building will be on the leading edge of elephant care.

TIME:  4pm – please arrive promptly so you do not miss the tour

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