Join NAIOP Cincinnati, Montrose Group, McBrayer, and Kahn, Dees,
Donovan & Kahn for an engaging panel discussion:
New Legislation Affecting Economic Development:Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

• Gain insights into the legislative landscape and its impact on economic


• Explore key policies and their implications for businesses and communities.

• Learn about potential opportunities and challenges in the Ohio, Kentucky, and

Indiana regions.

Featured Panelists

David Robinson, Principal, Montrose Group

Anne-Tyler Morgan, Member, McBrayer PLLC

G. Michael Schopmeyer, Partner, Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn, LLP

Join us for an engaging panel discussions with experts in the field, a comparative analysis

of legislative approaches in each state, a Q&A session to address audience questions, and

networking opportunities with industry professionals

August 22, 2023

3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Mad Tree Brewing

3301 Madison Road

Cincinnati, OH

Limited seats available!

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